Non-fiction books

A working historian, Michael Bar Zohar has published many books based on his own intensive research, among them the following:








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Ben Gurion's Biography: As an historian, Michael Bar Zohar is perhaps best known for his official biography of  David Ben Gurion, the founder of the State of Israel. He spent most of the years 1964-1978 writing Ben-Gurion's biography.This book was published in 14 languages, including Arabic and Chinese. Bar-Zohar wrote a play on Ben-Gurion's youth, and produced records of his speeches. He conceived the exhibit "Ben-Gurion" which was produced by the Tel-Aviv Museum in 1976 and toured the world. He also wrote the screenplay for a full-length documentary film, "Ben-Gurion remembers." The principal actor in this film was David Ben-Gurion himself, who told his life story in the company of personal and political friends: Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon, Golda Meir, Itzhak Rabin, Moshe Dayan, Itzhak Navon, Zalman Shazar, Teddy Kollek, Yigael Yadin, fellow pioneers from his youth and his girlfriend Rachel, with whom he sailed to Jaffa in 1906.











·         "Beyond Hitler's Grasp" -The Heroic Rescue of 50,000 Bulgarian Jews, English 1998, also available as a documentary. This book tells the amazing story of the largest rescue of Jews from the Holocaust, by the Bulgarian people.

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·         Mossad - The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service" (with Nissim Mishal, Hebrew 2010, English November 2012). The missions of the Israeli secret service, throughout the years: Khrushchev's speech; Eichmann's capture; Eli Cohen, our man in Damascus; A Mossad agent in the office of Egypt's president; The rescue of the Syrian virgins; the destruction of the Syrian nuclear reactor; the saga of the Ethiopian Jews; and many more.




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·         “IDF – The Great Operations of the Israeli Army" ( Hebrew, with Nissim Mishal, 2013) The secrets of the Suez War (1956); The destruction of the Arab Air forces in the Six Day War (1967); The battle of Jerusalem (1967); The rescue of the Sabena airliner (1972); The Capture of a Soviet radar station (1972); The crossing of the Suez Canal (1973); Entebbe (1976) ;The Destruction of the Iraqi Nuclear Reactor (1981); Operations "Cast Lead"(2009) and "Pillar of Cloud"(2012) against the Hamas in Gaza; and more.





Bar Zohar has also published several novels, some under the pen-names Michael Barak and Michael Hastings, and the latest under his real name. His novels have been published all over the world:

·       "The Third Truth" (1972)

·       "The Spy Who Died Twice" (1973)

·       "The Secret List" (1975)

·       "Enigma" (1978) later made into a movie starring Martin Sheen and Derek Jacobi

·       "The Deadly Document" (1979)

·       "The Phantom Conspiracy" (1981)

·       "Double Cross" (1982)

·       "A Spy in Winter" (1984)

·       "The Unknown Soldier" (1986)

·       "The Devil's spy" (1988)

·       "Brothers" (1993) 

·       "My Alterman", a play (Hebrew, 2008)

·       "Court-Martial", (the Tubiansky affair) screenplay (Hebrew, 2013)