Professor Bar-Zohar is one of the most popular Israeli speakers in the US and Europe today. When he is in the US, he speaks almost daily throughout the country for Universities, The United Jewish Appeal, Israel Bonds, Foreign Affairs Organizations, Book Clubs, the Israeli Government and Christian Groups. He is often interviewed in the American media, and has been hosted by CNN News, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Larry King Live, Nightline, C-Span,etc.


His Main Subjects are:



NEWRelentless - Shimon Peres's unknown story – President of Israel, Twice Israel's prime minister, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, bold leader in a war-torn region, Shimon Peres is one of the great statesmen of the modern world. Peres is also a fascinating, complex man – a brilliant intellectual who is entirely at home in the corridors of power, an individual revered by the world and yet highly controversial in his own country, at once a hero and a figure of tragedy. In the lecture based on Bar-Zohar's recently published biography of Peres, the full measure of a towering, enigmatic leader is revealed.



Witness to History – Bar-Zohar’s personal experiences in Israel’s Wars and Politics.


“Beyond Hitler’s Grasp” – the Heroic Rescue of 50,000 Jews from the Holocaust in World War Two. This amazing lecture describes the struggle of the Bulgarian people and leaders – the Church, the pro-Fascist majority in Parliament, the King, the public opinion – to prevent the deportation of Bulgaria’s Jews. They were successful, and the entire Jewish community was saved.


NEWThe Dimona Documents: Fascinating French and American documents, recently discovered by Professor Bar-Zohar in Paris and Washington, reveal the untold drama of Israel's nuclear project.


Munich, the real story. Following Steven Spielberg’s controversial film “Munich”, Bar-Zohar describes the true story of Israel’s manhunt after the leaders of “Black September”, the men behind the massacre of the Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.


Ben-Gurion at 120. The lecture paints the portrait of Israel's Founding Father, David Ben-Gurion. His personal life ' his disappointments, his determined struggle for the establishing of a Jewish State, and the dramatic moments when he, personally, changed the history of his people.


Fathers and Sons – The men and women who shaped the State of Israel. Weizmann and Ben-Gurion, Begin and Golda Meir – and their successors, the heroic Moshe Dayan, the visionary Shimon Peres, the dedicated Rabin, the disappointing Netanyahu and Barak, the amazing Ariel Sharon. A gallery of leaders who had to navigate Israel throughout her turbulent history.


The rise of Islamic fundamentalism and its dangers, from the Muslim Brotherhood to Bin-Laden.


Fighting Terrorism – the relentless struggle of The United States, Israel and their allies against terrorism throughout the world, before and after 9/11/2001.


The L’Oreal Affair: How the world’s largest cosmetics company became a haven for Nazi criminals; how it paid millions of dollars in bribes to the Arab boycott bureau; how it was defeated by a brave Jew and a handful of dedicated Frenchmen.


Deadly Iran. The terrible danger that a nuclear Iran represents for the free world, the Middle East, Israel, Europe and America. What can be done to prevent Iran from building doomsday weapons.


The Peace Process in the Middle East - a success or a failure? What has been achieved until now – and what are the prospects for the future. Will the Obama initiative succeed? And what happened to the new Middle East.


NEWMossad - The story of the Israeli most prestigious organization, and some of the missions carried out throughout the years: Khrushchev's speech; Eichmann's capture; Eli Cohen, our man in Damascus; A Mossad agent in the office of Egypt's president; The rescue of  the Syrian virgins; the destruction of the Syrian nuclear reactor; the saga of the Ethiopian Jews and more.


NEWThe Great operations of the Israeli Army - such as Entebbe (1976); The rescue of the Sabena airliner (1972); The secrets of the Suez War (1956); Destruction of the Arab Air forces in the Six Days War (1967); The battle of Jerusalem (1967);The crossing of the Suez Canal (1973); The Capture of the Soviet radar station (1972); The destruction of the Iraqi nuclear reactor (1981); Operations "Cast Lead"(2009) and "Pillar of Cloud"(2012) against the Hamas in Gaza; and more.